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Custom Vehicle Fabrication in Norwich, ON

Custom Fabrication

Making a custom vehicle?

When designing your ideal car or simply maintaining that old truck on the road, custom Vehicle fabrication is sometimes required to ensure that it all fits up properly. Custom Metal Designs is the answer to this problem.

We will work with you to build a customized solution whether you need custom brackets, unusual mounting parts, or any other specialist metal item.

Fabrication of Design and Process

Various components of an auto body may not line up perfectly at times as it is being built. When this occurs, new mounts and brackets must be created to fix the issue. Here’s where we come in.

Bring the measurements of the part that has to be made. Our team will ensure we create the right part for your build.

Our custom fabrication capabilities include the following:

  • Custom intake manifolds
  • Headers and exhaust
  • Roll cage installations
  • Chassis construction
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • One-off parts.

Benefits Of Custom Vehicle Fabrication

Your Optional Service

When you decide on your preferred custom metal fabrication services, you will be surprised at how many customization possibilities are available. A custom build ensures that the outcome is precisely what you envisioned. This alone gives you a vast amount of value that is very different than a stock vehicle.

Service Convenience

The custom car fabrication service is designed to be as convenient as possible for you. You may decide on all parts of your vehicle fabrication service, from start to finish. Because of advancements in custom vehicle fabrication services and highly competent personnel that execute this service, you will appreciate the convenience during the process and far after you receive your vehicle.

Service Based on Skill

Custom truck fabrication needs highly educated personnel to provide this service successfully. This is not a service that a novice can provide. As a result, when you work with Modern Trends, you can be sure that your vehicle will be of the greatest quality. Another advantage of using a customized fabrication service is that experts will lead you to reduce waste and inefficient final products.

Outstanding Custom Fabrication

We are used to producing unique parts to match precise specifications while providing custom motor and engine construction services. This is true for engine components, but it also applies to every other aspect of your vehicle. Our experienced specialist technicians blend engineering expertise with an artistic spark to create one-of-a-kind components. The fabricators construct around the characteristics of your engine and the automobile in which it’s confined, using in-house machining, dyno testing, and old-school manufacturing. It is completed in-house rather than being outsourced to other fabrication shops. Custom headers (which few firms do effectively), fuel tanks, inner coolers, intake manifolds, and chassis construction are everyday undertakings.

Modern trends will help you make your vision a reality

If you have lofty performance targets in mind and wonder where auto fabrication shops near me would be, then Modern Trends is the right team to carry them out. You’ll know your car customization is in good hands after you’ve spoken with a member of our staff.