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Restmods Projects at Modern Restoration!


Automotive restoration projects have been super popular by a number of car enthusiasts as an ongoing hobby. There is something about tearing down a reconstructing a classic car or truck that give a huge sense of accomplishment once the project is completed. It isn’t always an easy job to tackle, and not advisable for the typical DIY lover. This type of work can be complex and time consuming, and expert knowledge is a must. At Modern Restoration, a division of Modern Trends, we have the skill, expertise and equipment to handle your next restmod project.

What Exactly Is Restomod?

A “restomod” (a mix of “restoration” and “modified”) is a historic automobile restoration that integrates parts of current technology to increase the vehicle’s performance. When a restomod is conducted, the outside of a car is left untouched while the interior is improved. If you decide to replace your engine with a newer, more powerful one, this is referred to as a restomod since it can increase your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. A restomod would also include the installation of a GPS or a safety device in your vehicle.

Why Old Cars Are Awful?

It’s one thing to admire the appearance of a historic automobile, but it’s quite another to drive one. Floaty springs, drum braking, and “fingertip” steering work together to make the 1950s and 1960s automobiles truly terrifying to drive about town. When you realize that they didn’t have power steering or brakes, even a Duesenberg starts to appear unappealing. These concerns are addressed by restomodding.

Hot Rod or Restomod?

The adaption of modern performers to older vehicles has been for practically as long as cars have existed.

Restomods go a step farther than cobbling together manufactured parts by employing new parts to fit in stock places. The builder may add current performance by refitting the original pieces while simultaneously returning the automobile to its original state. What began as a few specialized items such as air conditioning kits and digital instruments has evolved into an aftermarket business that offers modifications to make classic recreations and useable as daily driver vehicles and long-distance cruisers.


Although the most amazing restomod cars may share just a body with the original, familiar hobbyists’ alterations revolve around a few crucial components.

Transmissions with overdrive

Speed automatic transmissions shift more smoothly and have more speed manuals, but their overdrive manual gearbox are their most significant benefit. These enable low highway engine speeds, boosting fuel efficiency while minimizing noise and motor wear.

Disc brakes

A new set of brakes, like a new transmission, offers several little benefits eclipsed by one immense benefit: Disc brakes outperform drum brakes in terms of fade-free, moisture-resistant performance.


While a complete coil-over independent suspension is out of most people’s budgets, small upgrades like polyurethane bushings, stiffer A-arms, and Panhard bars not only aid in curves but also keep the car straight at full power.


Vintage-style head units have long been a hallmark of useable restorations. Still, with the proliferation of media devices and cellphones, audio possibilities may be broadened by adding a concealed input connector.

Tires and wheels

Moving to larger wheels enables the installation of contemporary performance tires.

Why Choose a Restmod?

If looking to update and/or upgrade your vehicle you may be wondering what is the best way to do that. If you have an older classic vehicle but it lacks the newer technology cars have today, restmod work may be your best option! Read on to learn why.

Maximum Uniqueness

A restomod build is something that will always be 100% unique. If you are looking to upgrade your classic car or classic truck with modern performance and enhanced safety features, we can do that.  Customize your car by keeping the existing body and style of the vehicle, and adding in features of new vehicles to enhance performance.  Let us help you make your classic truck or old muscle car into a mixture of classic and contemporary that is unique to each and every driver.

Enhanced Performance

Classic and vintage cars have aged, and of course back when they were originally built they came with all the bells and whistles available. Now, as years have passed, they may have left some to be desired when it comes to newer technology and features. Each restmod project allows us to add in those high tech features into your calssic car, to provide the perfect balance of style and performance.

Compared to current automobiles, a classic cars performance might be sluggish and inefficient at times. However, by redesigning the car’s mechanical components, its less spectacular performance may be improved.

Your restmod car or truck can have a modern machine’s performance while looking lovely and old school. Furthermore, it raises the car’s safety features to current levels, requiring it to follow current traffic rules.

Increases Creativity

Who says you have to drive around town in a vehicle right from the factory? There are no rules and hence no limitations to your inventiveness. A resto-mod allows you to express yourself creatively.

As a result, if an old ride catches your interest, it may be rebuilt to your liking. Restomods make it simple to become creative if you’re new to the hobby of collecting vintage automobiles.

An Alternative to Traditional Restoration

The goal of restoration is to restore the automobile to its original factory appearance. However, there are some instances where the original parts are challenging to locate. Then there’s restomod, which is a better solution because you can use both old and new parts. This implies that the car’s original design may be shown rather than concealed and forgotten in a garage.

Contact a Restoration Professional

For additional information on the benefits of conventional restomods, contact the specialists at Modern Restoration. We are a custom auto body business with staff who have vast expertise dealing with various automobiles, including classic cars, classic trucks, vintage autos, antique cars, and muscle cars. Taking old automobiles and trucks and repairing them while also upgrading them to accommodate new components and technologies.

Modern Restoration is part of our original business Modern Trends. Modern Trends is a full service automotive shop that can help with regular car maintenance and service like brake repair and oil changes. Modern Restoration is our division that works one on one with restoration, custom build and restmod clients to help make their vehicle dreams come true.

We recognize that car restoration is a complicated process representing the owner’s tastes and lifestyle. As a result, we are constantly committed to ensuring that our work reflects this. Our restorations always start with a frame alignment, which is required for a car to circulate on the road effectively. After that, we may fix any regular wear and tear and, if necessary, complete a customized paint job. If any components are old and worn out, we may replace them with higher-quality substitutes. We can also repair your car’s seats, center console, and dashboard, as well as do an engine exchange.

Contact our shop today, to learn more about what we do. There is no project too big or small for Modern Restoration to help with!