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Step Bars – Truck Accessories

There’s nothing quite like customizing a vehicle to your exact specifications. Adding accessories and components to your truck can enhance its drivability and increase its overall resale value.

At Modern Trends, we specialize in providing our clients with the truck parts & accessories they need when they need them! Our qualified team of technicians can help you with a professional step bar install that’s quick, painless, and built to last.

One of the most functional aftermarket accessories you can add is a step-up bar. Did you know there are several types of step bars available to choose from?

What Kind of Step Bars Are There?

  • Truck Steps-a single step
  • Hoop Steps-a bar with a larger hoop to step on
  • Tube Step Bars-often round or oval
  • Running Boards-a straight running step board
  • Power Running Boards-an automated board that raises and lowers
  • Rock Sliders– often associated with step bars

What We Do

The aftermarket world is vast, and it can be easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of offers and options. At Modern Trends, we provide and install everything we touch. We can also help repair your day-to-day driver or build you the car of your dreams!

Why Add Step-Up Bars?

If you’re considering adding step-up bars to your truck, there are two functional benefits you’ll get from doing so:

  1. A lift up into your truck, saving you from slipping or falling and injuring yourself.
  2. Protection of your vehicle’s floors. Roads contain all kinds of abrasive debris like nails or rocks. Step-up bars help knock debris off and clean your feet as you enter your vehicle.

We Are Norwich’s Number One Choice for Aftermarket Accessories

We ensure that every replacement part or accessory you order is always made of the highest quality, improving your truck’s performance, and getting you back on the road.

The most significant benefit of shopping with Modern Trends is that we help step up your truck’s style. Every step-up bar that we suggest is done with your vehicle’s overall aesthetic in mind.

What Other Aftermarket Services Do We Offer?

  • Tonneau Covers: used to prevent low gas mileage and lost or damaged goods, a tonneau cover is an excellent aftermarket piece to add to your truck.
  • Towing Equipment: If you have a recreational vehicle that needs hauling, you will need some heavy-duty towing equipment, and our options are plentiful.
  • Kit for Leveling: a helpful device that raises the front of a vehicle, a leveling kit allows your truck’s body to move away from the axles.
  • Aftermarket Rims: Leveling a 4×4 automobile will accommodate bigger tires and boost ground clearance.
  • Lift Kit: Adding a lift kit can help deliver the ability to carry wider tires and increase ground clearance. They can help your truck handle better and overcome more massive obstacles.

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