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Get Your Customized Truck at Modern Restoration!

Truck Restoration

At Modern Restoration a division of Modern Trends, our passion is classic trucks. We work with clients all over the province to customize their trucks with restoration and or fabrication. We Work with classic trucks or vintage trucks and show clients how we can keep the classic feel, but incorporate new technology and safety to enhance the vehicle performance.

If you own a classic truck and are interested in restoration to drive, or restoration for shows and competitions, we can help!  During the repair process, the vehicle will be restored to its original look using as many genuine parts as feasible and some contemporary safety and comfort upgrades.

Our team of experts can work on any type of vehicle, truck or car and make it your dream vehicle. We communicate with clients to get a full understanding of what they are looking for, and then work on brining that to life. Custom truck fabrication, restoration or even a restmod project our team is here to help!

Professional Restoration Assistance

At Modern Restoration our passion is restoration projects. We specialize in restoring classic trucks. Contact modern trends for more information about truck restorations or to book a consultation for your one-of-a-kind vehicle.

We specialize in customized paint, bodywork, and engine swaps for antique, vintage, and classic car and trucks. You can discover the correct parts for your repair or have the specialists manage the entire procedure from start to finish with the aid of an experienced technician and restorer.