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Vehicle Restoration in Norwich, ON

Vehicle Restoration

A total auto restoration means dismantling the vehicle and restoring each component and system. Restoring a historic car necessitates a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s mechanical components, as well as an eye for ornamental elements and respect for the vehicle’s history. Our employees are not only specialists, but they also have a passion for classic cars and restoration. Each project we accept is vital to us, and we collaborate closely with our clients to guarantee that their vision comes to life. Following are the main components of a thorough auto restoration:

Restoration of classic car bodies

The body restoration method addresses every aspect of a classic car’s exterior, from cosmetic enhancements to critical issues such as rust and dents. We disassemble and catalog every element on the car as part of the entire vehicle restoration process.

  • The frame’s entire body (optional).
  • Blast the media and restore the frame (optional).
  • The car can be media blasted or stripped mechanically/chemically.
  • All rust on metal is repaired.
  • All trim should be replaced or replated.
  • Remove any waves and dents from the body altogether.

Internal Restoration Procedures

It’s all about riding in luxury when you own a classic car. We understand, which is why our full restorations include the inside of a classic automobile. We’ll make sure your vehicle looks just as good on the inside as it does from afar!

  • We replace seat coverings, padding, and springs as part of the interior restoration process.
  • We replace the carpeting if necessary.
  • We inspect your headliner to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • A full restoration of the dashboard is completed when necessary.
  • We ensure that we restore the appearance of the door panels.
  • We evaluate the interior trim to see if it should be replaced or restored.

Mechanical Repairs on Classic Trucks and Automobiles

After decades of use, even the best-built and maintained historic cars will require mechanical upgrades. In terms of repairs, our crew can swap out entire systems and even install a new engine if necessary. To maintain quality and improve performance, we go the extra mile to obtain our automotive repair parts from trusted sources.

  • Rebuild or replace existing mechanical systems as part of the mechanical improvement process.
  • Brake, steering, and suspension systems should all be upgraded.
  • Replace the engine with a crate motor or rebuild it.
  • For a smoother ride, upgrade the transmission and gearing.

Paint Jobs on Automobiles

Classic cars should be visually appealing, this means ensuring a top-notch paint job.

  • After stripping, each vehicle is primed and sealed as part of our comprehensive painting process.
  • After bodywork, apply a high-build primer.
  • The entire car should be blocked and sanded.

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