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Leveling Kits at Modern Trends

Leveling Kit

An effective way to enhance your vehicle’s appearance while also allowing larger wheels and tires to fit on the front without the expense of anything else is leveling kit. A leveling kit is a helpful device that raises the front of a vehicle, allowing the body to move away from the axles. Leveling your 4×4 will enable you to fit larger tires in addition to enhancing overall ground clearance.

The purpose of leveling kits

Leveling kits work by raising the front end of a vehicle to match the stock height in the back, resulting in increased ground clearance. These crucial kits give your car a two-inch lift, trying to remove the raked stance that almost entirely stock trucks have.

Leveling kits are designed to level out your 4×4’s uneven stance while increasing ground clearance. The mild ready lift leveling kit will, in most cases, permit larger tires. A leveling kit can improve both on- and off-road handling combined with high-quality shocks.

At Modern Trends, we offer a variety of leveling kit options. Each vehicle may require a certain kit depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Not sure which kit is right for you? We can help!

We provide strut extension leveling kits, torsion key leveling kits, and coil spring spacer leveling kits. If you are trying to get rid of the factory design look of your vehicle, a leveling kit may be the answer. Regardless if you have a truck, SUV or Jeep, there is a leveling kit for you.

Most popular from our clients are Ford F150 leveling kits and RAM leveling kits that are precision-engineered to fit different models of vehicles. The kits work to up the front end of your car, bringing it more in line with the rear and giving it a more natural appearance. Many owners choose leveling kits because they like the appearance they provide. Others opt for a leveling kit to make room for larger tires and raise their pickup even higher.

You may be looking for a leveling kit for the following reasons:

Allows you to use larger wheels than stock

A leveling kit has various benefits, one of which is installing new tires on your truck. Typically, vehicles have enough clearance to accommodate large wheels in the rear, but they may need a leveling kit to help provide enough room for large wheels in the front. Without this the wheels may damage the fender or bumper when turning.


Leveling kits offer a visual look that a number of drivers like. Leveling kits don’t have the same impact as a lift kit, but can still even out the look of your SUV, Jeep or truck. The extra lift in the front, can make a big enough difference in the appearance of your vehicle that a lift kit isn’t needed.

During an emergency, it aids in the reduction of braking pressure.

Higher rear ends cause minor complications when handling unloaded vehicles, especially when an emergency stops. By lessening the stress on the brakes and front suspension, leveling your vehicle allows you to attain more equilibrium.

Inexpensive price point.

Although the cost of leveling kits varies based on the make and model of the vehicle, you’ll discover that the majority are very reasonable and won’t break the bank. They offer a more cost effective option than lift kits while still offering a satisfying higher look at the front of your vehicle.  We have a variety of high-quality products for your next project.

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