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Tonneau Covers Available at Modern Trends!

Tonneau Covers

If you are looking for a tonneau cover for your truck, Modern Trends can help! We have a variety of truck bed cover options to match your style, needs and budget!

Tonneau covers are made of various fabrics and materials for multiple usage purposes. When considering a tonneau cover, consider the following:

  • Compatibility with your vehicle
  • Price point
  • Level of protection
  • Ease of use

Knowing what you are looking for within each of these categories can help narrow down the type of bed cover that will suit you best. Continue reading to learn about all the Tonneau cover styles available:

  1. Electric Retractable Tonneau CoversSimilar to its name, this Tonneau cover retracts towards the back of the truck. This type of cover is available in both hard and soft options. A great advantage of retractable covers is the ability to have the cover out of the way, allowing for spacious room to work in the bed. The electric component costs significantly more, but makes retracting the cover as easy as a click of a button.
  2. Folding Tonneau CoverThe folding Tonneau cover is the most popular in the market. This cover has tri-fold designs and bi-fold designs for user preference.  Having the multiple fold points allows for easy opening/usage while still offering strong durability and protection.
  3. Rolling Tonneau CoverThis type of bed cover rolls upon itself like a mat. You can easily roll it up properly whenever required. A roll up cover is usually a more cost effective option, as well as offer a low profile appearance. A roll up cover doesn’t have limitations for folding like panels do, offering a versatile cover. Security and protection may be less than other options, as the cover is typically a soft fabric material.
  4. Hinged Tonneau CoverA hinged tonneau cover features a lid that is supported on hinges. Feature of this option is allowing you to open the bed cover easily will little effort as the hinges help the cover move. The hinge option does take up more space, so if you are a driver who utilizes the entire box for hauling this may not be the best option for you. It does offer a sleek look being 1 piece on the back, however height can be limited due to the structure. This option does offer further personalization, where owners can paint the cover to match their vehicle.
  5. Snap Tonneau CoverSnap tonneau covers are a soft top option that can be easily added or removed from a vehicle. This is an ideal option for drivers who may not need their truck bed cover 100% of the time. It attaches to the vehicle with a series of snaps and buttons, that can be removed easier than some other tonneau cover options.

In summary, Modern Trends has access to a wide variety of tonneau covers that can handle any type of coverage you are looking for. Give the shop a Call to discuss the type of truck bed cover you need. We also offer other truck accessories like levelling kits, lift kits, towing accessories and more.