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Custom Aftermarket Exhaust Systems in Norwich 

Looking to turn heads and crank up your vehicle performance? Look no further—our custom exhaust shop works with all vehicle types and exhaust options, quotes are free, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Read on to learn more about our custom exhaust service, or call us at (519) 468-3050 to speak directly with a custom exhaust specialist in Norwich.

Why invest in aftermarket custom exhaust components?

There are plenty of good reasons to invest in a custom exhaust system.

First, factory exhaust systems are designed to muffle sound as much as possible, so if you’re looking for a gratifying growl, you’ll need to go custom.

Second, custom exhaust systems create a lot of visual interest. Whether you choose a distinct double-exhaust hot rod look or more of a racecar aesthetic with large exhaust tips and a high-shine finish. Compared to stock options, custom exhaust systems can really turn heads.

Finally, and most importantly, custom exhaust systems enhance your vehicle’s performance by reducing “backpressure.” Although some backpressure is needed for your engine to operate properly, too much robs the engine of power, as it must work to overcome the hydraulic resistance of the exhaust system to discharge its gasses.

Replacing stock exhaust with less-restrictive custom components makes it much easier for your engine to discharge these gasses, thereby reducing back pressure and putting power back into your engine.

What custom exhaust system is best for me?

There are three basic options for your custom exhaust system:

  1. Cat-back custom exhaust systems—Cat-back exhausts refer to what is in the “back” of the “cat,” or catalytic converter. Typically, cat-back exhaust systems improve performance by upgrading stock components with large-diameter mid-pipe, muffler, and tailpipe. This is probably one of the simplest options, freeing up exhaust gas flow and providing good bang-for-your-buck.
  2. Axle-back custom exhaust systems—As the name suggests, axle-back custom exhaust systems include the parts after the rear axle of a vehicle, usually the muffler, tailpipe, and tips.
  3. Header-back custom exhaust systems—This approach involves replacing everything from header collector to tailpipe. It is more involved and expensive, but it gives you the greatest opportunity to increase flow velocity.

To determine what is best for your unique vehicle, driving demands, and budget, book a free consultation with our custom exhaust specialists in Norwich, ON. We will conduct a brief needs assessment, then create a shortlist of part and service recommendations based on your answers. If you are not satisfied, we repeat the process, factoring in your feedback to finely tune our recommendations until we find the perfect fit.

Get a free quote on a custom exhaust system

At Modern Trends, we have a passion for creative customization, and we have our finger on the pulse of the aftermarket world. We supply and install everything from bug deflectors and tonneau covers to custom exhaust systems and know what you need.  We guarantee:

  • One-stop shop savings, with all the best products, cutting-edge tech, and customization expertise available under one roof, you can save time and create more opportunities for bundling discounts.
  • Premium parts, including top custom exhaust brands like MagnaFlow, Flowmaster, and more, and car and truck parts sourcing available through Modern Restoration, a division of Modern Trends in Norwich.
  • 100% customer satisfaction on all parts and services for 24 months / 40,000km.
  • Scalable services, so you get great results whether you’re upgrading a single vehicle or a massive business fleet.
  • COVID-safe services, with safety protocols in place and contactless online booking options.

To schedule a custom exhaust consultation and get a free quote on any project, you can:

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