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Car Engine Swap at Modern Restoration

Engine Swap

Are you looking to swap your car or truck engine? Give us a call at Modern Trends! We have a full automotive service shop, and a separate division called Modern Restoration where we offer a wide range of restoration services like original engine swaps.

A car engine swap is really the replacement of the vehicles engine of a car with a different one. This service can be done for a number of reasons.

Some of these reasons to swap an engine may be to fix and/or maintain the vehicles operating condition or to improve the power, speed and efficiency of the vehicle. Every day drivers and car enthusiasts may be looking for an engine swap service at one point or another. There are a few factors that you should consider when looking to swap/replace your vehicles engine with a new one.

What is an engine swap?

As mentioned above, an engine swap is replacing an old car or truck engine with a new one. Typically a swap is done for better performance of any machines, replacing an existing engine with a more powerful model. However, an engine swap can also be done for maintenance, as older engines may have a shortage of spare parts or be damaged and a newer replacement can be maintained more readily and cost effectively.

Why hire a professional?

At Modern Restoration we have a team dedicated to restoration projects and can swap anything from a sport car to a classic truck engine. Hiring a professional like us ensures premium customer service, top of the line technology and equipment and high quality parts used for your project.

Vehicles and engines can be complicated due to their thousands of parts and components. Not every engine can work for all vehicles. Therefore, working with a professional at Modern Restoration can provide information on the engine your vehicle needs that is within your budget and driving habits.

As professionals, our team will:

  1. Work with each client to discuss the project and do our research. We will review the project in entirety, review the goals of our client, and discuss how we can best achieve them with each custom build.
  2. Use high quality parts and components for each build. We have relationships with multiple suppliers to ensure we can source the right part for the job!
  3. Consider how the engine change will affect the rest of the vehicle. We will take into consideration the additional horsepower that will be added, and so we also will consider how this can impact the vehicles other components like braking and suspension.
  4. Make sure the new engine isn’t too heavy, with more horsepower can also come more weight in the engine than what the car originally was designed for. We will take this into consideration and make sure the engine swap is within the weight the vehicle can handle.
  5. Be aware of all other parts. The engine is the core, but we will also be swapping or updating other parts and components within the car system such as transmission, hoses, fuel system, cooling system, sensors and more.

Getting the engine to fit on the chassis is the easy part, but getting all the other components like electronics, fuel lines, cooling systems, etc. to work with the new engine is imperative. Our highly skilled team can make your engine swap dreams come to life.

Our team will help:

  • choose the right engine
  • get the engine mounted within the vehicle
  • adjust the axels and drivetrain for front wheel drive or rear wheel drive
  • pedal assembly
  • modify the shifter assembly
  • modifying the fuel system
  • adjust the cooling system
  • modify air conditioning and power steering
  • customize intake and exhaust
  • update electrical
  • upgrade suspension and brakes if needed

What are the benefits of a Car Engine Swap?

For the novel mechanics, it is difficult to complete the engine swaps that offer important benefits. The efficiency of a car is based on the modern features whether the car is new or old. For managing the functionalities of the car, it is always important to look after the engine swapping works.

You can install a diesel engine that can help in managing the engine swap with the right combination of turbo and torque speed. The engine swap is based on the maintenance of the parts of the car. There are other benefits of car engine swap as follows:

  • Easy to Modify the Parts of the Vehicle: some stock engines don’t have a deep selection for aftermarket parts. In that case, you may want to swap in another engine, which has a wider selection. If a car has an old engine, then it is difficult to find new parts. Therefore, you may easily modify the parts of the vehicles as required.
  • Get More Power & Performance: a swap for non-maintenance reasons is typically to upgrade your car. Take a classic car or truck and enhance the performance and overall power with a newer, more modern engine.
  • Manage the Reliability: swapping the car engine may increase the longevity and reliability of a car. Now, it depends on which engine you are deciding to select for your car. Without the proper selection, it is tough to manage your vehicle.

If you are looking for an engine swap shop near you, give Modern Restoration a call! We can help with any restoration project you may have. Call to schedule an appointment to discuss your next project today!

Are you interested in performing the engine swap yourself? We also offer assistance with sourcing classic and/or difficult to find parts and components! Give us a Call to help with sourcing your next part.