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Towing Accessories and Parts at Modern Trends!

Towing Accessories

If you are looking for towing accessories and/or parts, give Modern Trends a call today! We have everything you need to get ready for your journey ahead. Our team can source, order and install a wide variety of towing accessories from trailer hitches to towing electrical to trailer parts and accessories and more.

A number of people around the world rely on towing and/or hauling as part of their daily lives. It may be to transport cargo for your business, to move your belongings to a new house, to pack up and go camping, or even to move livestock. Ensuring you can get from point A to point B safely and securely with whatever you may be hauling is important to us at Modern Trends.

Living in a rural community in southern Ontario, we know all of our clients enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are planning a family RV trip or trailering your motorcycle or quad to your next ride or have a job that requires hauling, we got you covered.

Some of the products we carry and can install include:

Trailer Hitches

A trailer hitch is a metal device created to mount onto the body frame of your vehicle. The trailer hitch, also called a toe hitch offers the ability for your vehicle to tow a number of items behind it. We offer rear mount trailer hitches, front mount, multi fit hitches, bumper mount, weld-on hitches, RV trailer hitches and even ATV towing hitches.

Flat Towing

Flat towing is when you are towing a vehicle behind you that has all 4 wheels on the ground. To do this the vehicle being towed must have their transmission in neutral and the proper towing equipment attached. When it comes to flat towing we offer tow bars, base plates and dinghy towing harnesses for your vehicle.

5th Wheel Hitches

Experience freedom on the road with your 5th wheel! We carry a variety of 5th wheel hitches that vary depending on your weight capacity and vehicle specifications for mounting style. We also have wheel base rails, gooseneck adapters, wheel sliders and more!

Gooseneck Hitches

For serious towing, regardless if it’s for work or play, Modern Trends has you covered! You may need a gooseneck trailer if you’re hauling heavy loads and are looking for stable towing. Ideal for commercial or agriculture usage a gooseneck trailer can connect with the tailgate of your truck closed.

The large neck portion goes over the back of your truck, and securely adheres to the ball connector inside the truck bed. We have Gooseneck hitches, installation brackets, 5th wheel adapters, and more for all your towing needs.

Towing Electrical

All hooked up, loaded up and ready to go? Make sure your electrical components are working as they should before you leave. We can provide custom wiring and connectors and install brake controls for your vehicle and towing method. Lighting is a mandatory safety feature, so ensuring you have proper electrical adaptors, tail light converters, towing lights and more is imperative. Call Modern Trends to help get you ready!

Towing Accessories

Looking for more? Our team can also source, and install other towing accessories like towing security, pintle hooks, hitch mounted accessories, hitch locks, hitch covers, wheel chocks, tow hooks, tow straps, sway control, tow mirrors and more.

Cargo Solutions

Not looking for a full trailer to attach to the back of your vehicle? We also have smaller options that may offer the cargo hauling you require.

We can also source and install smaller cargo carriers that can either attach to your hitch, or your vehicle roof. Small cargo carriers can load up camping supplies or luggage. The contents are typically exposed to the elements, so whatever you load will need to be protected from rain and road debris.

Other cargo options include bike racks and or roof racks. Roof solutions can be simply brackets that hold sports equipment like snowboards or kayaks or they can be fully enclosed spaces offering dry storage.

Don’t leave home without being prepared for towing your load. We source high quality towing products and offer trailer hitch installation for all clients. Not sure what products you need? Give us a Call, and we can discuss your vehicle, towing needs and recommend what will work for you.

You may need a specific type of hitch depending on your towing needs, so our team of professionals can offer that support and guidance for all clients.

We specialize in vehicles, trucks, and anything related to them! A large segment of our business being towing accessories. We also provide vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as tires and other vehicle accessories like lift kits, tonneau covers and wheel package.

The aftermarket space is our passion. We take pride in working with your vehicle and being able to customize it to suit your style, needs and budget. We can handle everything from bug deflectors to suspension kits and custom fabrication. Our team can work on your everyday driving vehicle as well as your classic collector’s item.

We are a great dealership alternative when it comes to vehicle and towing service. As we are a full automotive service facility not only can we source and install towing products, but we can also provide full maintenance service to your vehicle. Have your vehicle equipped with your towing needs, but then also have your vehicle serviced and/or inspected before you take off to ensure maximum safety for you, your family and your cargo. Give Modern Trends in Norwich, Ontario a Call today for all your towing accessory needs!